Illuminati-like Secret Society Revealed by a Full-time Member

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An unusual piece of news surfaced recently which spread like wildfire, stating that there is a secret society working inside Panjab University, Chandigarh.

The news reached PU Mirror through one of this secret society’s active member who voluntarily reported to us that, “There’s a group of people, working in such secrecy which is unheard and unspoken of, amongst the PU administration. This secret society was formed in the same year that the university was established in Lahore.” The member, who asked us not to reveal their name or gender, further told us, “Originally located under the Lahore campus, it was shifted to Chandigarh when the city and the campus were constructed. There are some secret passages inside the campus to enter this underground realm.”

The name of this secret society is ‘Nichts ist ein Geheimnis’ which translates is German for “Nothing is a Secret”. The symbol of this society as told to us by our source is an amalgamation of the Illuminati symbol and the university’s logo. The normal red over white symbol is manipulated by the society by inverting the colors of the symbol and by replacing the sun in the top-center by an all-seeing-eye. This symbol can also be found in a rather cryptic fashion around the entire campus.

This secret society holds the secrets of the PU administration which never come out: all the scams and dirty work ever done inside or by PU, and even all the data of the campus since its start. The same source told us that all these documents are stored safely and guarded 24/7 365 days of the year.

The members can enter these underground premises by the use of a secret password which changes every month. This month’s password is said to be “Sie warden es glauben (They will believe it)” and the previous password was “Leute sind dumm (People are dumb)”.

The baton of the highest post or the position for the righteous leader of the secret society is passed (after graduation) from the predecessors to the successors with some old rituals and ceremonies which were started and performed by the pioneers of this society.

The society is said to have planned something really big for the next month, which our source called “a big revelation of some sorts.” We cannot even imagine what dark secrets would be disclosed by ‘Nichts ist ein Geheimnis’.

(Writer’s Note: If you are reading this, then screenshot these details or preserve them in some way or the other right now, because you might not see this article in the times ahead. The writer has taken the risk of sharing this top secret information with the readers and this means that these super-influential, confidential authorities will soon find out about him and he will be possibly abducted by the time the next sun rises, which you, who are reading this, will definitely see. His body will be rotting somewhere. So, take care. Auf Wiedersehen, that’s German for ‘goodbye’.) 

Disclaimer: Bogus Bulletin is our Thursday section of believably fake news. Although, isn’t that what ‘Nichts ist ein Geheimnis’ would want you to think? I wouldn’t believe this disclaimer if I were you.

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