GGDSD College Election- An Overview

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With the election fever soaring high in Panjab University and its affiliated colleges, the student parties can be found running from pillar to post in order to make a cut through the polls of the year 2017- 2018.

GGDSD College, one of the most renowned colleges having won accolades in multiple fields of commerce, arts, aesthetics and international affiliations becomes one of the crowded hubs during the elections. One can find every nook and corner of the college replete with the student volunteers from different parties, colorful stickers being spread around and a complete change in the scenario of the college for a complete month.                                 

With the variety of parties keeping their stake in the upcoming elections in SD College, let us have a glimpse of what each party has to serve to the students and to the college,

Student Organization of India (SOI)

With SOI being the council panel of the year 2016-2017, it has several major plans in store to continue to win power this year too. Karan Malik, the contesting president for the 2017 elections strongly advocated the desire to promote student welfare as the major agenda of the party. The party aims to hold true to the last year electorate results by making all the students aware about their basic rights in the college and providing a helping hand to the fresher’s in their problem of subject and section change. Taking a stand and justification in regards to the tiff between the college students and the then President, Iqbalpreet Singh, Karan Malik said “The college president is the representative of the students and some manhandling was done in the heat of the moment because those students were hampering the decorum of the fest. And since the tussle was first initiated by those students, he had to take a stand for himself in order to protect the overall atmosphere. If he cannot take stand for himself then how can he keep true to the expectations of the students”.

Owing to the non completion of the promise to install a suggestion box in the campus, a justification in terms of the NAAC visit is being given. “It was in our tenure that the college received A++ grading and we had to compromise on installation of suggestion box owing to the risk of the NAAC grading inspection. Recently, the party volunteers also got the doors of the washrooms repaired making the student comfort the first priority”.

Himachal Student Union (HIMSU)

HIMSU,  a party striving to make a mark for itself in the college election arena is leaving no stone unturned to make its presence count. Defying the misconception of the party being solely made for the welfare of the students hailing from Himachal, the party volunteers can be found helping all strata of students in getting their admission process sorted and other college deeds.

Working hard on the major points of this year’s manifesto, HIMSU aims to take the college infrastructure onto a new level with the refurbishment of the college ground into proper sports ground which could be made available for the students. Another major point of their agenda for this year is the installation of an Information Desk for the students which would provide all information in regards to the events happening across the tri city thus providing an opportunity to be a part of such exposure and experience. It further aims to install digitalized notice boards which would be an eye catcher and on the right places in the campus so that every student has an easy access.

A very important point of their manifesto is availability of student counselors to provide a direction to the students in regards to their future course of action. “We are an open-end party and we whole heartedly welcome those who agree to our ideology of student welfare. We do not just have an orientation to the students from Himachal, and we are definitely going to prove our worth, if given a chance to do so”, said Aryan Thakur, the contesting President.


With its inception in the year 2015, the party plans to have a strong establishment in the college by making the students realize their potential to bring a change to themselves and to the fate of the college. The major agenda of the party is to have no particular strategy to pitch the freshers, instead make them comfortable and get them well acquainted to the college atmosphere on an individual level.

Considering it as their responsibility towards the juniors, the party volunteers are of great help to the new students in terms of the admission; thus, becoming a helping hand to all.

“We do not plan to have promotions amongst the new students as such, all we are working upon is to make them judge their own problems, understand the delicacies of the college life and help them take a stand for themselves”, said Harvinder Baidvan, the contesting president. The party agenda include the proper facility of NCC and NSS for the girls in specific irrespective of the number so enrolled. The other major problem that the party is working upon is the hostel timings for girls. “The hostel timings for girls should be at least made to 6 or 6:30, we cannot restrict their freedom owing to the presence of miscreants outside and we are trying to get this deed done soon”, added Harwinder.

Also, the party emphasizes on the clean politics by making every college facility available equally to all the students.


The party is desirous of coming into power with this elections. In order to prove its mettle, the party volunteers are making every effort to win over the confidence and support of the students and coax them to bring them to power as they last won in the year 2011. Advocating the fact that change is the necessity of life, the party is making the students believe that it deserves a chance to work for the student welfare.

The party is using social media as a platform to address the grievances of the students and keep them informed about every basic information. To provide a sense of belongingness to the new comers, the party volunteers are available in the canteen from 3:00pm-4:00pm on every Wednesday and Friday, in order to individually address the student problems.

“Our only priority is students and the college development, we have a major point of ’My Manifesto’ which would give enough discretion to the students to jot down their own personal problems and areas of interest to be worked upon”, said Harpreet Bedi, the contesting President for SOPU.

The common problems so put forward to the party volunteers is of lack of signboards for the new rooms so constructed in the campus and the important focus of the party lies on the promotion of sports in the college and improvement in the dilapidated condition of the college ground.

Sanatan Dharam College Union (SDCU)

It is one such party that has been into power 9 times, thus winning the confidence of and all and it aims to continue with the same zest in the upcoming elections too. Making cordial relations with the new faces is the main agenda of the part volunteers thereby focusing on resolving of individual problems and providing a personal touch for the same. It strives to find alternatives to the complaints by the students of in regards to continous class schedules without any break in between.

Also, the party volunteers are trying their best to cover the loopholes on the part of the administration regarding admissions and providing information to the students. The main agenda revolves around the betterment of college ground and football court for the students. Another problem of canteen has been brought to the party’s notice as the students are not satisfied with the change of the location. Providing a clarification to the use of the statement by the party volunteers every time that the party has won the elections the maximum time, President Harsh Sharma said, “It is imperative on our part to aware the students that we have won the confidence of the students the maximum time and we mostly managed to win as we held true to the expectations of the college students. We believe there is no harm in sharing the same to one and all as it is an achievement that we are proud of and we definitely proved that by our work”.

Another part of their agenda is to relentlessly work for the student welfare irrespective of loosing or winning the elections.

Who wins the elections his year will be revealed sooner or later, but there is definitely one thing that the college elections are one of the most hyped and awaited segment of the college life. And it will take some time go figure out which party fulfills the college expectations and the promises it makes to woo the students.

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